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A Brief History of Human Placenta

Thousand of years ago, man found the secret to perpetual youth in human placenta but only royalties were given the honour to use it. The prestige and potency of placenta transcends time and modern technologies in skin and cell renewal. Today, film stars, politicians and the rich and famous frequent exclusive spas/salons in Switzerland and Japan to receive placenta injections to maintain their health and beauty at a cost of thousands per treatment.


Human Placenta is the biological treasure house found in the womb. It is the vital birth organ that proliferates cells from 1 single ovum to over 60 trillion cells to form a complete foetus.



The power of placenta is phenomenal


Research has shown that human placenta is a rich source of important elements essential to human growth. It includes 8 amino acids (lysine, valine, theronine, isoleucine, tryotophan, phenylalanine, and methione) active pepides, proteins, carbohydrates, mucopolysaccharide, various vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids and enzymes. Placenta therapy is a restoration of not only beauty but health as well. It is a holistic healing extract where all organs (including skin cells) are rejuvenated to function at optimum condition.

Human Placenta Production

Maylandé products are manufactured in Japan under stringent quality controls through Molecular Fractional Distillation (the most advanced technology to date). This method ensures the quality of extracted ingredients.


In Japan, only placentas born from mothers of all full-term babies are used in the production of Maylande products. Each placenta collected must be coupled with written consents accompanied by health and laboratory test reports that act as manufacturer’s references before production.


The production processes are in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards and are awarded with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications. Our products have successfully passed all official tests.

Human Placenta Products

Currently, our portfolio of products include the Maylande Human Placenta Health Serum, Health Tonic, Health Supplement, Facial Essence, Mask Royale and Royale Soap. Specific products are marketed in selected countries.


Maylandé also launched a new product line: Maylandé Royale Skincare Range. The first product that was introduced is the Maylandé Mask Royale, a uniquely formulated and aesthetically designed human placenta face mask. Thereafter, the Maylandé Royale Soap was launched, garnering equal interest and success.


To meet the demanding needs of an increasingly affluent and sophisticated clientele, we are currently focusing on further R&D efforts to innovate more human placenta based health and beauty products.



Maylandé products are 100% hormone free, with no known side effects


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