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26 Aug Why should I consider human placenta?

The afterbirth is a treasure-house of the body’s own biologically active substances that can be preserved for medical life-saving purposes. Its functions and benefits have been nothing short of astounding and it will become one of the greatest discoveries for the treatment of various diseases in the future. It is...

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26 Aug Complete human placenta therapy course

The placenta is a truly amazing organ unlike any other in the human body. Our breakthrough therapy previously only accessible to the rich and famous, is now within reach to those who wish to improve their health, vitality and enhance their quality of life. Our human placenta is an incredible,...

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26 Aug Who should use Maylande human placenta essence?

Human Placenta is suitable for everyone. Young and old, as long as you are concerned with improving your health and preserving your life. Men and women use placenta extracts to slow down the ageing process; users, including celebrities, will testify to its astounding effects and value with the greatest reverence. The...

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26 Aug What are Cytokines?

The human body‘s immune system has many different types of cells acting together to take care of unwanted infections and altered cells (cancerous cells). system to communicate and orchestrate the attack against diseases including AIDS, bacterial infections, cancer, influenza, rheumatoid arthritis and body degeneration....

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26 Aug What are Growth Factors?

Medical studies have proven that Growth Factors can help stimulate normal growth, regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscle, skin collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissues to aid total rejuvenation of the body. As an example, it stimulates the liver regeneration and increases the level of blood protein....

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26 Aug What is human placenta?

The human placenta is the membraneous vascular organ that develops in female mammals during pregnancy, lining the uterine wall and partially enveloping the foetus, to which it is attached by the umbilical cord. The organ proliferates cells from merely one single ovum to over 60 trillion cells to form a complete...

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