Maylandé Royalé Soap

Summer 2015


Specially formulated as a facial and body wash. It contains powerful repair and restorative nutrients of the human placenta that thoroughly nourishes the skin to keep it healthy and supple. It effectively cleanses the pores and removes excessive oil, dirt and dilutes impurities. While helping to retain the natural moisture of skin, it also restores and replenishes essential elements depleted with ageing.

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Spring 2015


More than just a natural phenomenon, the gradual ageing of skin is also caused by factors like the solar UV, dietary habits and stress. Therefore, taking care of dietary routine and using quality facial products will renew and repair the skin. Maylandé Mask Royalé is uniquely formulated to effectively restore loose skin and prevent skin from further ageing.

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Maylandé Mask Royalé
Maylandé Facial Essence

All Time Favorite

Facial Essence

Another product of human placenta hydrolysis, Maylandé Facial Essence is highly effective in activating the skin to enhance elasticity, maintain a soft and silky texture as well as helping to reduce facial wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

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Energy Booster

Health Tonic

Maylandé Health Tonic helps to maintain youthfulness and keeps you energetic at all times. It is made from the highest concentrated placenta hydrolysis essence and is totally hormone free. Due to its high nutritional value, the Maylandé Health Tonic helps to keep your health in its best condition.

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Maylandé Health Tonic

The Magician


Powerful night cream infused with the richest essence of Human Placenta Hydrolysate that miraculously repairs and enhances your skin condition. Another breakthrough development from Maylandé, with its rich density of beneficial active ingredients, it works through your slumber to restore natural radiance and repair past and daily damages from exposure to free radicals and causes of ageing.

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Number 1 Choice

Health Supplement

During menopause, most women suffer from cold limps, poor appetite, dry skin, painful joints, insomnia and anaemia. Maylandé Health Supplement helps to relieve these problems and improves youthfulness and physical well-being.

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Your Bodyguard


Widely used in both the medical and beauty industries, Maylandé Health Serum is well-recognized for its ability to provide exceptional beauty and health benefits. Infused with human placenta hydrolysis essence, this hormone free and effective serum will ensure visible results just a few days after injection. It supports the process of body tissue and cell restoration as well as aids the body to function at its optimal level.

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